Millennials And Gen Xers Are Playing With Fire When Trying To Eliminate Odors In The Home

Survey Shows Both Generations Prefer Candles Despite Potential Fire Hazards; New Air Care Product Alio Eliminates Odors Without Flames, Sprays, Oils or Plug-Ins

LINDEN, N.J., Jan. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers say they use candles and sprays the most when eliminating home odors, according to a new survey. Respondents who identified as Millennials and Gen Xers prefer candles, 63% and 50%, respectively, despite statistics that show thousands of home fires per year are started by candles. Baby Boomers (54%) choose sprays over other products such as plug-ins, incense and diffusers.


The survey was conducted by ORC International on behalf of Rotuba, the manufacturer of Alio, a new type of diffuser with reeds that eliminates odors and releases a subtle scent, without the use of flames, sprays, oils or plug-ins.

“Alio is a safer and affordable product that consumers can feel good about and trust,” said Adam Bell, president of Rotuba. “Rather than mask odors, Alio eliminates them, and works around the clock to continually provide a subtle scent throughout the day.” Bell added, “Alio is a different type of diffuser with fragrance-infused reeds made from natural, sustainable materials, and all Alio products are manufactured in the U.S.”

What rooms produce the most odors? Men and women of all three generations agree that bathrooms, followed by the kitchen and bedrooms, are the main rooms in their home that need to be rid of odors.

When asked about the biggest drawback from air care products, Millennials (24%) and Baby Boomers (22%) both felt the scent doesn’t last long enough followed by products that mask odors instead of eliminating them (Millennials – 19%, Baby Boomers – 18%). Gen Xers said the biggest drawback was the cost being too expensive (18%) followed by a potential fire hazard (17%).

Alio – A Safer Way to Eliminate Odors

Alio’s flagship product is the oil-free reed diffuser in which 15 fragrance-infused wood polymer reeds rest in a signature vase designed to promote air flow, eliminate odors and steadily release a soft scent into the air.  Consumers can choose from 20 custom blended scents and five vase colors. Alio scented reeds are made from natural wood resin harvested from sustainable forests, and the vase is made using a sustainable premium resin.

Alio is ideal for small spaces such as a bathroom, bedroom or home office; for spacious kitchens, living rooms, or other large spaces, multiple vases are recommended for the best effect. The oil-free reed diffuser is $18.00 and the continual scent lasts for up to 30 days.

Alio also offers consumers two other products: a scented pouch and auto freshener. The pouch is ideal for eliminating odors and softly scenting personal spaces such as gym and sports bags, lockers, suitcases and drawers. The Alio scented pouch lasts for up to 90 days and a set of two pouches retails for $15.00.

The Alio auto freshener includes an easy-to-install air vent clip. The patented spin feature creates a flow of air that quickly eliminates odors and releases a soft scent. A set of four auto fresheners, a 30-day supply, retails for $12.00.

All Alio products can be purchased online at (shipping is free).

How the Alio Technology Works

Alio works by infusing cellulose-based resin with fragrances and an odor-neutralizing formula. The natural breathability of a cellulose-based resin allows both the scent and the odor-neutralizer to gradually release, thereby eliminating odors and softly scenting the air. Alio is always working 24/7.

About Rotuba
Rotuba, founded in 1945 and privately held for three generations, is the largest independent global custom compounder of Cellulosics – a wood-based polymer that is made from a renewable resource – softwood trees from sustainable forests.  Rotuba is also the largest extruder of profiles for the rapidly expanding LED Lighting Segment. The company is a leading supplier in each of its divisions and works with some of the largest companies in the world. For more information, visit

ORC International Methodology
The ORC International Telephone CARAVAN® survey was conducted January 4-7, 2018 using two probability samples:  randomly selected landline telephone numbers and randomly selected mobile (cell) telephone numbers.  The combined sample consists of 1,004 adults (18 years old and older) living in the continental United States.  Of the 1,004 interviews, 404 were from the landline sample and 600 from the cell phone sample.  The margin of error for the sample of 1,004 is +/- 3.09% at the 95% confidence level.

About ORC International
ORC International helps global leaders uncover the truth about their business and fuel their most important decisions, so they can optimize today, differentiate tomorrow and win in the future.

A top 20 global business intelligence firm, ORC International works with some of the world’s leading organizations to better understand their employees, customers and markets and transform their business performance. ORC International is part of Engine Group, an independent, collaborative network designed to help businesses successfully master disruption. For more information, visit


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